A Family Moment

A few weeks ago, the following email was sent to me by a friend.  I never met Dan’s grandmother, but something tells me she must have been a pretty special lady.  Enjoy…

To All,

I was going through Mom’s recipes books and cards looking for her famous Turkey stuffing (for Chandra), and came across this loving item. I thought you all would like to have a copy:


First, use care in selection…get one that is not too young, but tender and healthy.
If you choose one recklessly, it may not keep. Don’t put in hot water…this makes them turn sour!
Sweeten with smiles and spice with patience. All varieties will respond to ensure a wonderful consistency.
Stir gently — never beat! Don’t leave unattended for long periods of time.
To add a delicious flavor, sprinkle generously with praise and appreciation.
The poorest specimen may be improved if you follow these instructions and will keep for an unlimited number of years in any climate.
Frequent exposure to cold temperatures, however, has been known to damage this dish permanently.
Most importantly, keep a small flame going all the time.

I don’t know where Mom got this, but it was obviously something she enjoyed and wanted to save. I think it’s pretty special!

Interesting that I keep discovering these beautiful “gems” from Mom in such unexpected places! God bless her!



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